Inside XPLCIT – Get to know Matt, our sexy poster boy!

As XPLCIT’s new “social-dude” (official title I’ll have you know), I’ve done as any fresh-faced employee/contractor would and taken a tour of my new office, introducing myself to the staff along each corridor and offering baked-this-morning cupcakes and a colourless polystyrene vessel of piping hot tea. From the moment I’d straightened my neck-tie* on day one however, I came across a few key points that were to stop me from doing any one of these things.

This is XPLCIT Assistance…one of the fastest growing online retailers in Australia. There’s no office with corridors! It’s far too modern for that. Not to mention I already know all those who work here quite well and…well, I’ve devoured literally every cupcake I had.

Plans. Out. The window.

I wasn’t going to just throw in my “new-guy” title this quickly (it’s an excuse to do a little less than everyone else, right?), and so I came up with a very simple yet completely genius suggestion; I introduce the attractive staff from the “office” to our loyal customers instead! It was bought, and I said hello two more weeks of new-guy privileges.

Oh – that’s not me. It’s Matt, one of the rather friendly-to-the-eye models on payroll for the XPLCIT range of fetish wear. I sat with Matt for a coffee last week, and before my jaw fell so far I couldn’t ask anymore questions, here’s what went down;

Matt, the hand down the pants…your model poses are second nature…what’s your modelling background? It’s minimal. A friend of mine, Scott, likes to experiment when he buys new photography gear. So really, it began with him, mostly as some work on the side…

Does that mean there’s a private collection somewhere for us to find? Yeah I guess we’ll call it that. I’ve known Scott for about 10 years, and every time there’s a new piece of equipment he calls me to do some test shots, which gets him out of his boring day job and helps me get some more exposure.

And what began the XPLCIT journey, how did you get to be the pin-up boy? I can’t remember if it was…was it Fair Day? I think it was…no! That’s right, a friend travelled to Oregon last year, the home of a big sportswear company, so I asked if he could bring an NFL jersey back home for me. This got me thinking about costumes for Trough, that’s when I came across the website and met (Director) Shawn

You met him on the website? I met him as a customer. Before purchasing I enquired about the sizing and fit for NFL shoulder pads, and had no idea what the sizing and fit was like so he said “Sure! Come over”. We organised a time for me to check out the stock then I bought it on the spot!

How cool! And is that your only XPLCIT product? I’ve been angling for a product test blog, but no luck yet… So far I have a red Neoprene Harness and a white Mr B brief jock. I actually ended up wearing the red harness to Trough because I realised the theme was Red… Which Shawn told me I was wearing the wrong way…I thought it looked better sideways because of my chain. Like a bulldog harness.

They say a chef never cooks…are fetish wear models into fetish? I quite like the harness I’ve got. I’ve had…well, I’ve had some positive feedback *laughs*. I’ve also got a leather harness I bought in Berlin, but the red one seems to get more attention; I wore it in the DNA Magazine modelling comp, it had plenty of people commenting…

You’ve been here longer than me…what can we expect from XPLCIT in the near future? Any goss I should know? Well, we’re two weeks out from a whole new promo shoot, new products on the way that i’m looking forward to testing, and the really big news the opening of a new shop! Oh, and of course I’ll be getting my clothes off, and gear on, to promote the shop launch! That’s the really big news!

An XPLCIT store? Yep, it’s right up near Taylor Square and currently being fitted out. There’ll be a launch party, I think it’s in two weeks. Free booze, with myself and (model) Drew walking around in all the gear for you. It’s been a huge project for Shawn and I’m not sure how much I can reveal you just yet…

And with that, Matt revealed that my cruisey two weeks was likely coming to an abrupt end; I best get ready for this opening night, I’ll be back soon to tell you all about it!

*we don’t wear neck ties, unless it’s ONLY paired with bare skin + jocks…

XPLCIT Store – Little Oxford Street, behind Kinselas; details coming soon – subscribe for early info

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