His submission, is it selfish? Is it not? Is it about you?

His submission, is it selfish? Is it not? Is it about you?

Well really, it isn’t about you, except it is, but not the way you think it is.

At its root, his submission could be selfish.

A raw throat from gagging on cock. Welts from your canes and belt. Rope lines. Red pecks from floggers a’ plenty. Smeared make-up and watery eyes. Soreness inside everywhere that counts. He needs that pain and I need that pleasure. Not to feel you, but to feel me. . . to obey you, to please, to show total devotion . . . these things, they’re him. . . while he belong to you. He needs to forget everything else around you and just feel connected without cloak or restraint.

No, he can’t climax from stimulus alone – wand me for hours, fuck me raw, set the rabbit to high – He needs to know you are pleasing or nothing works. When he wants you to cum for him, just cum for him first. Let him see and hear you lose yourself because he has served you well, because he’s equally your dirty slut and good boy all at once. He doesn’t get mine unless he’s giving you yours, but it’s still about him.

His submission is selfish. It’s not partial, it’s total and complete, everything he has to offer – him. He can take it all, belt or hoop. All he ask’s is . . . that you give him you.

Bend me, but never break me unless you’re Dom enough to put be back together afterwards . . . and he doesn’t mean maybe, KNOW you CAN and WILL. Otherwise, get the fuck out of the ring. This ain’t your circus and he is not your elephant. His submission? It’s selfish….

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