How To Douche

Step 1

Make sure you have enough time and are not rushed especially if this is your first time. When you start douching make sure you are within easy reach of the toilet. 

Step 2

Thoroughly rinse the douche before you start to ensure it’s clean and dust free.

Step 3

Warm water is best. Too hot and and it can do some serious damage and too cold will give you a bit of a shock and contract the muscles making the process more difficult. Only use water, no soap or other products as this can burn the sensitive skin. Its would be the same as putting soap in your eye!

Step 4

Use lube on the nozzle of the douche, as well as yourself, before insertion so as not to aggravate or bruise the area. 

Step 5

Insert the nozzle approximately 2 or 3 inches inside and gently squeeze the bulb to allow the release of the water inside you. Don’t release your squeeze of the bulb until you have removed the nozzle from yourself otherwise this will suck the water back in.

Step 6

You will start to feel full but hold the water in for at least 10 seconds and relax your body. Then sit on the toilet and expel. 

Step 7

Repeat the steps as necessary until the water you expel is running clear. This usually takes at least 3 expulsions or more. It is good to wait a little while, about 30 minutes, before engaging in anal play, in case there is any water left inside.    

Play Safe, Play Hard                                           

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