Sex With Anal Toys

Now that you’ve had practice with anal self-stimulation with your fingers, you’re ready to progress to toy play. You can do this on your own or with a partner. I’ll introduce the main kinds of toys and how they may be used, but keep in mind there are many others out there that you might want to try. Do what you’re comfortable with and play smart.

Never put anything up your bum that isn’t explicitly designed for anal play or at least that doesn’t have a bulbous end. Way too many people end up in the emergency room needing a doctor to remove some random object that got stuck up themselves or to stop anal bleeding from being cut by such purposes. Not a situation you want to find yourself in.

Again, lube is essential here. If the toy you choose is made out of silicone, you need to avoid silicone-based lubricants, or you’ll destroy the toy. Stick with water-based ones. Oil-based lubes need soap to be cleaned off you, but you never want to stick soap in your anus. Some people prefer to wrap the toy in a condom, but it isn’t necessary as long as you give it a good wash with soap and warm water when you’re done playing with it. Whichever toy you decide to try, start off with everything you learned from us early in Anal 101. Get yourself relaxed, aroused and adequately warmed up before insertion.

Anal Dildos
If you are new to anal toys, this is the best thing to start with. You’ll want something that’s smooth and on the smaller side. Ones with flared bases or handles help with your grip and are easier to use. You’ll also want a non-vibrating dildo, as vibrators tend to be something you work your way up to. If you wish to something pliable, silicone is the way to go. Do NOT buy jelly products, as they are toxic. If you want a firmer toy, go with glass or acrylic. Silicone and drink tend to be the easiest to clean and keep sterile.

Once you’re ready for insertion, start slow and don’t push the entire toy in right away. Gradual penetration tends to be best. Once you’re in, it’s the same deal as it was with your fingers; experiment with different motions and techniques. Many people enjoy circular stimulation as opposed to straight in and out thrusting.

Also, more of rubbing against the walls of your anus feels right for many (especially the front wall for men). Once you’ve had practice with a small size, you may want a more significant feeling of fullness, which is when you progress to anal vibrators or larger sized dildos. Keep in mind that not everyone can take a lot of length or thickness. It tends to depend on the shape of your colon. If it’s painful; stop.

Anal Beads
Once you’ve tried dildos and want a different sensation, anal beads can be a fun choice. Go for ones that are graduated (start off small then get bigger in size). Make sure there’s a handle or ring at the end to prevent them from going all the way up into you. You can get anal beads in silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass or metal. It’s a matter of personal preference for which one you choose to try.

Anal beads are designed to enhance your orgasm and focus on stimulating the highly sensitive sphincter. You insert them one by one at the speed you want, and then you pull them out when you want to orgasm. Some enjoy pulling them out at fast speeds (make sure there’s lots of lube if you’re doing that) while others prefer a slow, prolonged removal.

A word of caution: make sure you know how many beads are on the toy (whether string or plastic/silicone attach them). It’s rare, but they have been known to break off and get stuck in the colon. I recommend silicone toys over ones with string, since they’re much easier to clean and can be adequately sterilised.

Butt Plugs
These are for when you’re feeling comfortable and experienced with anal. They tend to be shorter and thicker than dildos and have a more pronounced flare to their end. Plugs are meant to be left in the anus without much movement, but they can still be moved in and out for pleasure. They’re designed to stretch the anus to stimulate the nerves found both inside and outside the rectum.

You’ll want to start with a thinner size and then work your way up to something bigger. You insert it slowly, angling the tip slightly towards your stomach. Your hand stays on the base of the plug to control the movement of it into you.

It’s important to insert it very slowly since it gradually becomes thicker and thicker as it pushes into you. Many people like to lock it in place as they then continue to stimulate their genitals. Whether you’re masturbating with it in or having full-on penetrative sex, it should stay in place and feel great! You can leave it in for several hours, but make sure to keep adding lube any time it dries up. Silicone, glass or metal plugs are recommended for prolonged use though since they are rigid enough to stay in place.

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