Using Anal Beads

XPLCIT Assistance Anal Beads

Inspect the product,
Before you use your anal beads for the first time, take them out of the package, wash them thoroughly, and then check them out carefully. Look for any seams, tears or sharp edges. If your anal beads are plastic, you can use an Emory board to file any seams down, so they are smooth. If your anal beads are supposed to be made of a non-porous material, look for any holes or bits missing from the toy. If there are any flaws, return your anal beads before you use them.

Condoms and anal beads,
Using condoms with anal beads is an easy way to keep them clean, make them last longer, and reduces the risk of transmitting any infections. If you are the only one using your anal beads a condom may not be necessary. Using a condom won’t change the way the beads feel.

Turn yourself on first,
Before you try to use your anal beads for the first time, get yourself turned on however you would normally. If you’re feeling awkward or distracted, it can make penetration more difficult, so being relaxed and aroused can make your first time with anal beads go more smoothly.

Start Slow,
Once you’re feeling relaxed and ready to insert the beads, and you’ve got lots of lube on the beads, begin to insert them one by one slowly. Notice how this feels, and if you’re feeling any pain or discomfort either slow down, add more lube, or stop. Once all the beads are inserted, you can choose to do other things and stimulate yourself in different ways. When you’re ready, begin to pull the beads out slowly. Eventually, you may want to do this faster or slower, but the first time goes nice and slow. Notice the feeling as each bead passes across the sphincter muscles.

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