Lube… Which one?

You’re right; there are so many different types of lubes out there. It makes it hard to know what’s right for you. The basics that you need to know? Water-based lubes are compatible with everything. Silicone-based lubes are good with everything except for silicone sex toys. Oil-based lube is not compatible with condoms (they degrade the latex and make it break) or sex toys and oil lube is also extremely difficult to clean up.

I stick with water or silicone based lubes.

The main differences between water and silicone lubes are that water-based is generally a little stickier and dries up faster. So you need to reapply water-based lubes more often. Silicone lasts longer and has a bit of a smoother feel.

The only problem is it can be a bit difficult to wash off sometimes. Also, if you want to use silicone sex toys later in the play session, you need to make sure there are no traces of the lube, or it will destroy the toy.

If you are doing oral along with using lube, you’ll want to make sure you enjoy the taste of the lube you’re using. Some lubes are made to be completely tasteless, while others are flavoured. It’s a matter of personal preference to which you apply. Just don’t go into the pharmacy and start taste testing the different flavours! There are also warming lubes, lubes that increase female arousal or pleasure, tingling lubes, cooling lubes, massage lubes, lubes that help makes a guy last longer, and many others. Again, it’s a matter of personal preference.

It’s always fun to play around with different kinds and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t!

– XPLCIT Assist

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